(Multi Level Marketing Software)
Blocks is an efficient Multi Level Marketing software package that allows you to efficiently manage virtually any MLM, network marketing or affiliate/reseller program. This software allows a lot of automation and flexibility, providing for almost hands free management of your online operation. Blocks contains all the features to exactly manage your online MLM operation which includes customizable membership features, advanced genealogy tracking, full payment and transaction systems. The software is customized by our developers to fit your exact needs.

Following are the features of this software.
  • Binary Downline structure
  • Use your own domain name. No 3rd party.
  • Real time commission viewer (who paid, what level, commission plan)
  • Free Downline builder engine
  • Communication tools between members
  • Good recruiting system
  • Promotion system for each member
  • Motivation system for each member
  • Scrolling news board, rotating banner system and recommended links
  • Detailed Downline genealogy report (available separately for each Downline)
  • Self replicating page for each member
  • Sophisticated replicating page editor
  • Graphical Downline summary
  • State of the art, personal management page for every member
  • Separate communication system for each Downline
  • Advanced Downline search capabilities
  • Central messaging system
  • Personalized automatic welcome message
  • Website Builder
  • Product Update