Into existence from 2008, Pygmail caters to the needs of companies/organizations worldwide and gives them a way to build long-term customer relationships. Pygmail is not just another Newsletter system and does more than just mass emailing. It is in fact an effective device created to get rid of, or at least to reduce the total drag of running email campaigns. With some exceptional features that range from personalizing messages, recipient filtering, multi-tasking, auto-responding, forwarding, list-serving, follow-ups to tutorials and wizards, are what makes Pygmail different from your usual Newsletter system. Imagine all of these and more with a great interface and striking Newsletter Templates. Supported by our expert service and support staff, Pygmail assists small as well as big companies in creating smart and professional email newsletters for online surveys, marketing products/services and to communicate with customers. While it automatically manages all mailing lists by processing sign-ups and opt-outs, one can also manage it manually. There are well designed efficient tools to handle all lists manually and all tasks can be performed by everyone with easy. The system does not produce any hassles and in no way is a labyrinth for new users. Adding, removing, and changing recipients has never been easier - and the mailing list can be easily and effectively managed in a database.