Our creative multimedia department is staffed with artists, illustrators and developers who work together to craft amazing solutions for the internet, broadcasting and CD. When we develop a multimedia presentation, it goes beyond the conventional methods of displaying one-way static pages and hypertext documents. Accordingly, the system and technologies we employ such as scripting languages, shockwave animation, and directory audio & video are the latest and up to date. We believe that the most significant aspect of building an easy-to-use CD is designing an architecture that can plan giant data yet keeping it simple and easy to use. Our main purpose is that a user should never feel lost while navigating through the CD. A multimedia presentation should never be a labyrinth of sorts. That is the reason why we take into consideration the information as laid out for the CD and use it as the base upon which the architecture will be designed. Whilst designing, we keep in mind; the spaces or gaps between the pages of the site to another. We do not allow more than three clicks between them. This will guarantee that the users are not tired with having to click endlessly before they arrive at the desired location.


We build multimedia CD upon systems which are very easy to use. Whether the end-user is someone within the organization's staff or someone external who wants to take advantage of the information provided by the CD, it becomes very easy for him to navigate through it. Ease of use can be achieved with an attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI), and simple and logical architecture.

Attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Great design in graphics has been one of the reasons why Curves n’ Colors has attracted so many clients in recent times regarding the services in Multimedia. Our belief lies in graphical attractiveness and utility which are a very important part of its usability. It is the first step towards making the end-users contented in adapting and accommodating any new technology. We take advantage of our proficiency in this regard to make the planned CD creatively striking.


The entire content of the CD use two generally distinct technologies: The web based technology and multimedia technology. A web based technology comprises of various programming languages and production methods such as HTML/DHTML, CSS, Cookies, JavaScript/VBScript. These are frequently used to build websites and web applications. The Multimedia Technologies involves tools and standards such as Director, 3D Studio max, After Effects, Maya, Photoshop, Flash, QuickTime, AVI, WAV, AIFF, Shockwave, etc.