Software Development

Custom Database Design, Development & Management

CNC is a software company that develops software, produces software, distributes software and also provides custom services with an array of our own software products. We also specialize in Travel based software, CAD/CAM, E-Business, Education, Internet, Knowledge management, Banking, Medical applications and Multimedia. Many organizations all over the world have relied upon us for software development activities. Curves n’ Colors offers solutions for every level of your business. From providing database design solutions to expert development of custom software applications and tailored programming, we make your business easy and effortless.

Having certain web application features ensures you better business prospects in a competitive market. It is cost effective and time saving. Be assured, for you will be provided up-to-date solutions, since we always upgrade our application development criteria keeping in mind, your essential needs in the market. From Database development, management and integration to building CMS and CRM among others, we build custom software and also have a wide range of web based products and packages of our own.

Curves n’ Colors has developed years of expertise in database design, database development, integration and conversion, database management and administration, maintenance and support. With knowledge and extensive hands-on experience in Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL, and other relational database management systems (RDBMS) we ensure our clients a provision of the best of services and a highly sophisticated database solution that is fast, easy and professional.

Be it a totally database driven web site or a full-featured, customer relationship management system incorporating Oracle database servers with intricate configurations, Curves n’ Colors provides you the top-of-the-line database application development services developed to suit your precise needs to give you an advantage over your competitors.

We can merge tactical ideas with insightful skills in a wide variety of cutting-edge database technologies ensures our clients are delivered robust database systems that automate and streamline their business processes, improve operational efficiency and management effectiveness, increase market reach and maximize return on investment.