10 reasons Why Blogging is Important for SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process to improve the ranking and visibility of the website in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) by optimizing the webpages and their content. Most of the SEO strategies begin with blogging. Blogging is an integral part in SEO and overall Digital Marketing scenario.

In this blog we will be discussing 10 different reasons on how blogging helps in SEO.

1. Rank for multiple keywords

Usually, blogging involves posting articles on many topics relevant to the niche. Blogging is the direct way to answer user queries. A properly optimized blog that reasons out and answers user queries are ranked by Google. Publishing blogs on different topics that are most searched in your niche will help in reaching out to a wider range of audience as well and will increase website traffic as well.

2. Blogging increases the visibility of a website

Adding blogs in the website helps in ranking the website for multiple keywords and user queries. The blogs can be written targeting multiple long-tailed keywords. The chances of ranking for these types of keywords is very high. Moreover, the users search query also includes long tailed keywords. This helps in increasing the visibility and presence of the website for a wider range of audience.

3. Improves overall internal linking of the website

Blogs in the website give a chance to inter link various pages within the website.The blogs that are related to the services provided by the business can be linked to the service page within the website. Doing this will let search engine crawlers to crawl the linked page as well. This ultimately leads to better ranking in the search engine as it is easier to rank the blogs.

4. Blogging helps in building brand expertise

When it comes to the content, Google has its own criteria known as E-E-A-T. This stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Google's algorithm follows this criteria to analyze the content published on the web.

Having blogs related to the brand and its related industry that follows the mentioned E-E-A-T will let Google as well as your audience know about your expertise in the industry. As a result your content will be trustworthy to Google and the audience.

5. Blogging keeps loyalty and trust of brand intact

Adding blogs on the website will maintain brand loyalty and trust among the audience. Blogs are the way to attract the audience and prove them your expertise within the industry. The informative blogs posted on the website will improve the trust among the users whenever they land on the site.

6. Traffic from blog brings in leads and conversion

Most of the traffic in the website is attracted from blogs. According to a survey done by Hubspot, around 56% of the people do the purchase from brands after reading their blogs. The blogs published in the website discuss the lacking point or pain point of the general consumers. This will make the brand look expert in their industry and let the consumers trust the brand. This ultimately leads to the purchase of the product and services.

7. Blog helps in content repurposing

Blogs published in the website can also be used for social media. From a single blog, multiple posts for social media can be created. Similarly, if the blog post seems to be helpful to the user, they can also share it on social media platforms that can target a wider audience.

8. Blogging creates opportunities for backlinks

A well written blog with accurate content has high chances of being linked by other sources as well. If any other website finds the blog posted on your website to be valuable to the readers, they can reference it to their website which leads to a link earning. This ultimately helps in SEO as well.

9. Increase in page time

Blogs help in increasing the user’s page time on the website. It is a great way to increase the user engagement rate as they tend to finish reading the blog. The reader can also go through other linked pages within the website. Moreover, the user page time is one of the major metrics in SEO as well.

10. Develop a connection with the potential audiences

Blogs are usually written to answer the queries of the audiences. Most of the blogs are written from a perspective of addressing the users' concern. When a reader enjoys the blog post posted on your website, they are likely to share it, link it to another website, or come back to your website to read the other blogs and navigate other pages of the website. The traffic increases and return of visitors frequently lets Google know that the website is enjoyed by visitors and relevant to the search engine.


In essence, blogging is a driving force behind a comprehensive SEO strategy, rather than an additional aspect. Its influence extends from technical efficiencies to brand reputation and genuine relationships with the audience. The significance of blogging for SEO is still unquestionable as websites continue to negotiate the competitive landscape of digital marketing; it is a dynamic and essential tool for anybody looking to succeed and get online visibility.

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