US-Nepal Celebrates 70 years of friendship!

Nepal celebrates its 70 years of friendship with the United States, going strong and steady since the establishment of the official ties between the two countries in 1947, and signing of the very first agreement of its kind in 1951, as the first bilateral donor to Nepal.

We were honoured and fortunate to be the part of this bond withthe creation of vibrant and meaningful logo design, marking the 70 years long and fruitful friendship between the two contrasting yet, striking countries!

With the US providing economic assistance in various sectors of development such as agriculture, health, family planning, environmental protection, democratization, governance and hydropower development, Nepal’s growth has been exponential and promises even greater future for a peaceful and healthy Nepal!

According to the USAID report - “Since the 2006 Comprehensive Peace Agreement ended a decade of conflict, the poverty rate has been halved to 25%, access to education is dramatically improved, and the country is on the way to achieving Millennium Development goals for maternal and infant mortality rates”.

The role of the United Nations in building back Nepal after the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 25, 2015 was quite noteworthy and exemplary! Immidiate response was deployed within hours of the earthquake through disaster assessments, rescue, emergency support including basic requirements not only to protect the earthquake survivors, but also to prevent them from other impending risks and vulnerabilities such as gender-biased violence and trafficking. The strategy laid was not only to provide an immediate assistance, but to rebuild communities for long-term sustainability.