Kasara Resort – loose your mind to find your soul, in the lush blend of nature and luxury!

We redesigned and developed a new, fresh yet, simple website for Kasara Resort that perfectly reflect its image of simple luxury in nature.

Located in the outskirts of Chitwan National Part, Kasara Resort is worth a visit to escape the mundane humdrum of a busy life. You can experience a close glimpse of nature at its best, with assorted adventures you can choose from – Elephant Safari, canoeing in the folds of Rapti river, walk in the woods, bird watching, meaningful interactions with the local culture and many more.

The rooms are big, comfortable, with lots of fresh air and sunshine for you to soak. You will be fortunate enough to dig in to the healthy and delicious meals prepared from the local ingredients fetched from the local produce. All in all, Kasara is a must visit resort for you to unwind and rejuvenate.